V. Pedestrian Drop Arm Turnstiles

GKA-231, L1200*W335*H980GKA-232, L1200*W335*H980
Dimensions: 1200×1000×300mm/47*39*11.8 inches
Drop-arm length: 300mm/11.8 inches
Cabinet material: AISI 304 stainless steel
Thickness: 1.5mm/0.07 inch thickness at top cover, 1.2mm/0.06 inch thickness at cabinet body .
Net weight: 48Kg/106 lbs
Package weight: 68Kg/150lbs (packed by crate)
Arm material: Stainless steel tube
Surface process: Standard stainless steel shining surface
Fingerprintless & scratch resistance surface
Power requirement: AC220V 50Hz or AC120V 60Hz
Working temperature:-30℃-60℃/-22℉-140℉
Working humidity: 5-95%
Maximum width for one passage: standard 700mm/27.5 inches

1. Built-in infrared sensors.
2. LED directional indicator.
3. Bi-directional entry function( could enter from both end ).
4. Fail safe, which means the arm (bar) will dropped off when power off.
5. Auto-close function, which means the arm will be closed after opening time if no one pass by.
6. Anti-pinch, which means the arm will remain opened if a people standing in the middle until (s)he leaves.
7. Tail-after alarm
Notice, the interval of two objects should exceed 1 second otherwise the gate would regard these two objects as one object.
8. Invasion alarm, which means gate will alarm if a person tries to enter from the wrong direction.

Note: when the facility is installed outside, please make sure a concrete base foot of 200 mm height for anti-humidity, furthermore, a shelf should be overhead constructed for anti-sunshine. Naked installation in the open environment is strictly forbidden.low price gym access turnstiles