P850-Triple IG LNG 10000-20000L Reciprocating Pumps for Chemical Plant
Group: P850-triple
Model: H10000-20000/35 (Liquid Fluid 10000-20000L/H, Max Pressure 3.5MPa)

The high flow reciprocating pump is designed for gas supplying systems in steel mills, pipeline purging, and Dewar and storage tanks refilling. It’s got a multiple cold end solution fulfill the high flow desire, with a medium pressure level around 70 bars. Nowadays in China small LNG power plants have emerged by the states supporting, it’s now getting a wider and more thriving market.

Benefits and features:
1. Multiple cold end design to fulfill high flow service.
2. Vacuum jacketed cold end minimizes heat leak and lowers liquid’s vaporization
3. System interlocking offers protection from wrong operations.
4. Not very high pressure of the pump leads smaller impact and friction to the seals and allow the seals kits a longer lifespan.
5. 24-hour persistent performing is available.

Working medium:
LNG, LOX, LAr, LIN.China High Flow Service Reciprocating Piston Pumps