LTMA LT4221L Logging Bulldozer
Developed in response to the demands of forest working environment,
LT4221L timber & lumbering bulldozer adopts the hydraulic drive and hydraulic control technologies,

featuring advanced and reasonable structure, stable performances, and light and flexile operations. The forward extended rollover protection structure can effectively
protect the whole machine.

Technical Features
1. This product is suitable for the operations in timber & lumbering sites. Meanwhile, the winch installed on the rear end of the bulldozer can be used for transport of timber & lumbers and other traction operations. For the operations in hazardous areas, the winch equipped can be used for self-rescue when necessary.

2. The standard timber & lumbering blade can powerfully remove all kinds of bramble obstacles along the timber & lumbering path to achieve high timber & lumbering efficiency of the bulldozer.

3. The winch is used for traction of the timber & lumbers and self-rescue of the bulldozer during the timber & lumbering operations, of which the powerful traction force guarantees high
operation efficiency. The unique self-rescue function of the winch guarantees the operator’s safety.

LT4221L Bulldozer Technical data
Operating weight 28000 kgs
Engine Model NT855-C280
Speed 1800rpm
Rated power 162kw
Overall dimension Mechanic winch 6447 * 3725 * 3454
Hydraulic winch 5851 * 3725 * 3454
Travelling speed Forward 3.6, 6.5, 11.2
Reverse 4.3, 7.7, 13.2
Track shoe width 610mm
Groud pressure 72kpa
Blade width 3725mm
Blade height 1315mm
Min. turning radius 3300mm
Gradeability 30%
Hydraulic winch Model IYJ45-230-28-JPL
Steel rope diameter * Length 26mm*55mm
Cylider pull force 230kN
Steel rope working speed 0-11m/min
System pressure 14MPA

Weight 3000KGS
Mechanic winch Model TJM20
Steel rope diameter * Length 28mm*70mm
Cylider pull force 350kN
Steel rope working speed 0-15.9m/min
Cluth type Hydraulic seperate combined type Logging Bulldozer factory